Hey Y’all!

Welcome to Lifespeaks! I look forward to sharing life with you via this forum of communication.
My name is Aisha, which means Life in Swahili and I am speaking to you from my heart using one of my greatest passions,writing. This is how the blog name Lifespeaks was born!

I am a mother of one eleven year old daughter, the oldest of four siblings and a woman who is passionate about people.
My desire is to see all of us meet our full God given potential in Jesus Christ.

It is my hope that when you visit this blog you encounter more than good reading. I hope and pray that you encounter words that will incite change in your daily lives. I pray you read something that touches you in the deepest corridors of your heart and causes you to push forever forward into the purpose and plan God has for you. I hope this small piece of cyberspace can become a refuge for you from a world that is far too desensitized and at times downright cold. I pray that we laugh together, cry together,pray together and encourage each other!
Life is so much better when lived and experienced together. God created us for fellowship, first with Him, then with one another. Again, welcome to Lifespeaks and thank you for journeying with me!
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