Lifespeaks from My Heart to Yours

Posted on: June 6, 2013

Consistently Constant

Famously Faithful

There is no one like Him

He is unable to abandon us and loves without lackluster advances

He is amazingly audacious in the tenacity with which He pursues us, His bride

Extremely careful never to deal with us as a concubine, though we have often dismissed him as our personal prostitute;rendering our praise and worship as a form of payment for his performance in our lives

Yet, He remains cataclysmically committed to us,the love of His life

Pressing into us with avengence and vanquishing the ghosts of our past while ushering us into the future He has predestined us for long before he breathed life into our nostrils

He is magnificently mad about us and desires our fellowship.

Oh! To tell us his secrets, to satiate our souls with the fullness of his revelation for our lives

He is gargantuan in proportion to our problems, circumstances and situations

In one breath he sends a wind of change to render a great upheaval to Satans’ plan and change the course and direction that we have set our lives upon

Somehow, someway we in our finite minds think we can outthink and strategize him, so we often attempt to do life solo;this is a lie that we have laced into our souls

Apart from him life does not exist, but in him life is found and found in abundance

In him every weapon loses its ability to prosper against us and we are made new by believing on Calvarys’ work

Remarkable rest is available in He who enables us to live move and be;There is absolutely no one, no where like him

He is the most luxurious of lovers, and his passion for me is perfected in his perversion free pursuit of my heart

He seeks to capture me at my core and remake me from the inside out, sans the ulterior motives

He is the game changer and the great upset to the kingdom of hell and its designs on my life

Purity permeates from him and His righteousness renews us daily

He is the coldest out here, unique in his ability to display human compassion and unchanging diety

Yaweh-breath to my weary body.

Yaweh-Life to my dry brittle bones

Yaweh-Fearlessness to my fear

I could write of your love forever

Your mercy enthralls me and I am endeared to you the more by your grace

Your ferocious fight for me endues me with power to run with endurance the race that is set before me

You are the One who causes mountains to shake, clouds to billow,seas to rage, and winds to roar;  but you still are gentle enough to woo me back to your arms when I have wandered too far

You touch me and the very fragility of my nature is revealed

You are so far beyond amazing-but incomparable and even that is an understatement

You blow me away with your awesomeness and envelope me with your tenderness

A moment in your presence is better than a thousand moments in the company of the flyest man alive

Your presence never leaves me wanting, and I am humbled and awestruck by your love for me




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