Lifes’ Wastelands

Posted on: May 4, 2013

Can These Dry Bones Live?-Ezkiel 37

This question is asked of Ezekiel by God in the valley of Dry Bones. In this account God ushered Ezekiel to the middle of a dry place. The MSG translation says “God Grabbed me. God’s spirit took me up and set me down in the middle of an open plain strewn with bones.” The scripture then goes on to say that God led him around in that place, that dry place with lifeless bones.

After grabbing him up, sitting him down in the middle of that place and leading him around-God poses the question: “Can these dry bones live?”

Now I am no biblical scholar, as I sat here writing this I googled a commentary, pulled out the concordance in an attempt to really exegesis the text; and make my first blog really great providing you with historical context,etc..

Then I was reminded that I am to share God Inspired words from a changed heart, so here we go:

After being grabbed by God, sat in the middle of dry bones and led around the place of dry bones. God ask him, can these Dry Bones live?

Ezekiels’ response: “Master God,only you know that.” I believe Ezekiel may have been saying God this one is on you. You know better than I do.

God’s response back to him: “Prophesy over these bones!” Translation, I know what I am doing-but you have to speak what I am doing over the dry place(s) . 

Question: How many times in our lives have we been in a dry place?

Next Question: How many times have we been in a dry place and we become just as dry as the place itself-because we refuse to obey God regarding our dry place. ( I have been there and have the T-Shirt, Souvenir Mug and Commemorative Key Chain)

Finances may be low, or that prayer request we have on the alter seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps it is a marriage that is on the rocks, or a relationship that ended (because it needed too) after we gave all we had to try and make it work and now we, ourselves feel dry,empty,void of life. Whatever that dry place is, we are doing our best to muddle through it daily usually praying to God that we can be magically transported out of the dry place.

However I am learning that it is in these dry and sometimes barren places that God will pull an Ezekiel on us and grab us up, sit us right in the middle of the dryness and lead us around in it.

Then ask us, Can you trust me in your finances? ( can these dry bones live?) Do you trust me to restore your marriage? ( Can these dry bones live?) Do you believe that I am in control of your life and that your life is NOT over because that relationship is? Do you believe I have something better for you? ( Can these dry bones live?)

We answer: God, you know. And God says to us essentially, “Indeed I know, but you have to speak to it.” By telling Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones he was saying to him, say what I say over these bones.

When we are in a dry place, is where God can do his best creating.

In Ezekiel the text goes on to say that God told him what to say to the bones and Ezekiel prophesied to the bones, just as God said. What has God told us to do/say to our dry bones and we have yet to move? Where has God given instruction and yet we sit idle? Where has God promised life, and we are having a “Woe is me party” over our mess and a funeral procession for the rest of our lives. All because we refuse to speak to the dry bones.

The text tells us that Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones, just as God said and then there was a sound! Generally when it is dry, it is also eerily silent. The moment we move in obedience to God, the situation, the dry bones begin to change. Ezekiel heard movement before the bones begin coming together, with sinews and muscles, then skin! He did what God said and God begin to move instantly. He heard a sound, a rustling first and then watched the promise come together right before his eyes.

As a wrap this mornings entry, I say to you, be encouraged to seek him for direction and then do what He says to you. Do not look at the wastelands of life as your burial place. From today on see lifes’ wastelands as your birthing place.  

Can these Dry Bones Live? I say YES!

How about you?



4 Responses to "Lifes’ Wastelands"

Great word! GREAT READ! I agree! I say YES! HALLELUJAH! This was rain in a dry place for me! Loved it!

Hey Lady! Thanks for stopping through! You have often been life to me in a weary place, so I bless God that I am able to return the favor. Thank you for the inspiration you provide to me on a regular basis. I love you!

This was very excellent!!! Good stuff right’chea!!!

Queen! I appreciate you stopping by and showing love to the blog.
Comments and support mean a lot coming from you. I love you to life and thank God for your witness and your testimony! MUAH!

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